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SuTuan Lulee

It has been 18 years since Susan has plunged her mental and physical efforts into software development career in China in 1989. Susan started her software career in Taiwan 928 Computer Co., and after she changed her direction into China IT outsourcing market, she served as Senior Vice President of 928 Computer Co. for 14 years and the managing director of TriGold Technology Co. for 6 years. In the meantime, she took charge of more than 100 CD titles including a 50-man-year project in developing 49 CD courseware programs and Future Classroom web site.

In 1996, she played the role of a program leader to train up tens banking system engineers for Institute for Information Industry, Taiwan. After that, she shifted her lane to counselor. She guides companies came from outside of China to set up their IT team there and has a proven track record in that.

Susan attended the National Central University and holds a Bachelor's of Literature Degree. She also hold two professional certificates on distance education and teaching with technology issued by graduate school of education in Harvard University and in University of Wisconsin-Madison. Currently she is studying on her educational technology master degree in San Diego State University, California. In 1993, she was invited as a keynote speaker on Computer Based Education Conference, China. In 1992~1995 she was invited as a multi-media software expert by National Education Department, Beijing University, Northern Chiao-Tung University, Beijing Normal University and many academic organizations in China to give lectures in national multi-media and education conferences and workshops. In 1996~1999 she was invited as a visiting professor on Electronic Publishing in Graduate School of Wuhan Survey and Drawing Technology University and on e-Learning in undergraduate school of Central China Normal University. Susan presents papers on international conferences hosted by ACCE, ICCE, GCCCE every year since 1998. Her 6 books were published by Beijing Science & Technology University Press, Technology Documents Publishing Company and other publishing house in China.

In 2004, Susan took a step back from her 30-year diligent work and enrolled in two certificate programs provided by graduate schools of education in Harvard University and in University of Wisconsin-Madison. These studies gave her opportunities to reflect on past experiences in real life work and re-exam her existed knowledge with emerging studies on learning and teaching, She had a new appreciation in the power of education in the current environment of rapid technological changes and globalization trend. She found her passion for learning even stronger now after many years break from academic environment.

Currently, Susan is a senior graduate student of department of educational technology at San Diego State University. In the meantime, Susan coaches Teaching for Understanding distance courses that are flagship courses of WIDE World program at Harvard Graduate School of Education. She also gives lectures and provides professional consultant services on distance education related topics.

As a certified teacher on adult education, Susan is passionated to be a professional educator in both academic and corporate contexts. She like to
-- facilitate low-income working or nonworking population to learn with less geographic and financial constraints.
-- facilitate people to face the strong impact of globalization, keeping up with new and global competencies in order to interact with people from different countries and cultural background.
-- serve as a bridge, with her bilingual skills, to help people learn about China while introducing advanced technology and research to China.

Articles between 1994 - 1997

  • 自己動手做一個多媒體數據庫, 多媒體世界, 1997年1期
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  • 台灣電腦輔助教學發展概況, 多媒體世界, 1994年5期
  • 台灣多媒體軟件的發展概況, 今日電子, 1994年11期

  • 帶你進入多媒體創作天地 (1996, 北京理工大學出版社)
  • 家用教育軟體的選擇與使用
  • 跟我學電腦: 洪圖多媒體編著系統(1996, 科學技術文獻出版社)
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  • 多媒體教學與課件
  • 網絡教學

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