Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Master Degree Works

This is a collection of Su Tuan Lulee's works for Educational Technology Master Degree Program at San Diego State University, Summer 2006 ~ Spring 2009

EDTEC 540 Educational Technology
Performance Analysis
Job Aid and Report
EDTEC 541 Web-Based Multimedia Development
Project Proposal
Site Map
Usability Alpha Test Report
Usability Beta Test Report
Final Project Web Site
Journal Article Summary
EDTEC 544 Instructional Design
Initiating Memo
Initial Analysis
System Specification
Design Concept/Description of Product
Prototype Evaluation
Design Notebook
Final Exam
EDTEC 550 Introduction to Distance Education
Technology Demonstration - Sakai Basic
Comments & Questions on Distance Education - A System View
Review of An Online Course
Top Ten Characteristics of LMS
Top Ten Skills for Effective Distance Teachers
Review of Effectiveness of Student Support Services
Top Ten Issues about Copyright in Distance Edu.
EDTEC 561 Advanced Web-Based Multimedia Development
Minute Movie
Tutorials for a Multimedia Tools:
Flash learning interaction
Video Studio
ScriptFlash image holder
Educational Video
Outline & Treatment
Final Video
Educational Multimedia Workshop
Prototype Evaluation Report
Final Web-Based Multimedia Article
Multimedia Research
Exploring Research on Internet-Based Learning: From Infrastructure to Interactions
Distance Education
Text-Based Measures
Visual Representations and Learning: The Role of Static and Animated Graphics
EDTEC 570 Advanced Teaching with Technologies
What will Dewey Do?
Database Exploration Lesson
Online Professional Development
WebQuest - Designing Teaching for Understanding Courses
EDTEC 650 Distance Education
Research Paper
Comments & Questions on Distance Education Systems of the Future
Comments & Questions on Handbook of Distance Education
Practice on System Dynamic Software - STELLA
Final Reflection Essay
EDTEC 670 Exploratory Learning Through Simulation and Games
Stamp Scrabble Game
Adventure in Libraryland Board Game
Village in Rural Niger - MUVE Game
EdGame Blog
eGame Glossary
EDTEC 685 Informational & Instructional Technologies for Organizations
Time Management for Online Instructors
A More Ethical Zoom 3000
PT Makeover
EDTEC 690 Methods of Inquiry
Liteature Review
Research Paper
ED 795A Graduate Seminar
Not taken yet
ED 795B Seminar in Educational Technology
Not taken yet


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